Hi Mummies! Read that baby needs more calcium now as approaching 30 weeks! Any milk recommendations that I can drink?

Any suggestions of good brands? ☺️

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Super Mum

If you're taking multivitamins there should already be sufficient calcium inside. Maternal milk is not really necessary but if you want to drink just find brands that taste good to you since it's all similar nutritionally. I liked frisomum chocolate flavour


Pregnant mummies need about 1000mg of calcium per day. If you’re on calcium tabs already, just supplement with 1 glass fresh milk, green veg, dairy products and soy products in your daily diet.

8mo ago

Of course!

anmum milk powder but i only drink first trimester cause i think last trimester they alr almost done hahah

Super Mum

You can drink maternal milk throughout pregnancy, and continue on when breastfeeding

Your doctor will provide calcium tablet for you, if not, ask from your doctor.

Fresh milk will do. Aren't you on calcium tabs?

Similac brand maternal milk

I'm taking EnfaMama A+...

Super Mum

Maternal milk