Introducing to rice cereal

Mamas! Anyone start giving their baby rice cereal at 4 months plus? My PD suggested to start giving my baby girl rice cereal at least one teaspn once a day. Do you think its better to mix with formulae milk? Any suggestions what else I can intro her other than rice cereal?

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I started mine on rice cereal around 5.5 months. Since your PD says OK you can start. Try mixing with either bm or formula for a start then you can start to mix with vegetable or fruit puree but make sure you try out single veg/fruit puree for 3 days to ensure no allergy first. Other than rice cereal I also feed her baby oats.

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Super Mum

If PD gave greenlight then it's OK to start with small amount, you can mix with milk or water. I'd start with oat cereal instead of rice because of arsenic level. You can give some soft, runny puree like apple, pear as well

2y ago

Hmm, oat cereal? Thats a good idea!

I'll avoid introducing any other solids than rice cereal , since PD gave u green light . U may try 1 teaspoon first . Use those organics , as much as you can

2y ago

Yup a teaspoon a day first haha