Mamas! How do I get rid of this cough? Cant even sleep now with the feeling if itchiness in my throat!

Any natural remedy other than taking cough syrup? (GP prescribed of course) sigh

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I had a bout of itchy cough and cold in my 2nd tri, bur was too afraid to take any meds. Every night is application of Vaporub to my chest, neck and nose, and sleeping at an elevated angle. I also keep a flask of warm water at my bedside to soothe the itch. Recovered naturally with no meds after 1 week.

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3y ago

Ikr! But mine triggers only this third trimester and its really itchy! Haha. Vaporub is must every night.

Take a spoon of manuka honey! :)

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Hmm manuka honey?

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Warm honey lemon