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Good Walker
Any good walker to introduce and cheap too
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Get a push walker instead of the sitting walker.
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Check out shopee:) just search baby walker
Good Hair Loss Shampoo
Hi mummies any good hair loss shampoo to introduce. Open up to any brand.
U can try Yves anti hair loss shampoo.
Solid Food
Hi mummies when do you start to let ur solid have solid food? Some of them told me it can be as early as 4 mths old. Is it true?
Preferably 6mths, check with PD if u would like to start earlier
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Always seek your PD advise. Who guideline is 6mo. Unless theres special condition that require baby to start solid early.
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6 months. Because they are able to sit and gut is more or less developed. This reduces the risk of allergy. And I don't puree my food. Just mash it and serve. All my kids ate what I cook for the whole
4 months... Super blend porridge.
Banners For Baby Shower
Hi Any mummies diy their banner their own? Or any to intro? Looking to diy own banner
Neo garden
I'm planning to diy my own for baby 1 month shower, there's plenty of elements that u can download from vector /stock image websites online, but i think u need apps like adobe illustrator in order to
Any Selling Or Blessing Any Cheap Clothes?
Hi mummies Anyone able to bless or sell cheap clothes for my baby boy? Currently going 3 month old soon. Best if can bless 3mth and above clothes. Living in the north east. Thank you!!
Hi, Please explore Carousell. There are very good options
Check out carousell
Is it normal for my son to poo more than pee currently 7 weeks just started to latch him back recently as previously he is on half bm and half fm.
Yes. My baby poo 3 times everyday. As long as it's not watery or of a diff colour then all is fine
Giddy At Week 38
Hi mummies have been feeling very giddy recently. Is this normal? Sometimes it's like something spinning in my head.. So uncomfortable.
I think u better start taking hospitalisation leave to rest at home
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Giddiness does happen but do check with your gynae ya. Rest well!
Hi, These experiences happen but it is best to check with your gynae
It does happen.. But please check with your gynae too.. He will know your condition best
Do you have high bp? If yes, please approach ur gynae asap.