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My LO keeps screaming but there is no particular reason behind her screams. She is 6 months old now. What should I do? Could it be possible that her teeth is coming out?

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Oh my! Mine too.. these few days right after turning 6 months.. we went to the PD.. apparently she has a stuffy nose.. but I don't think this is the real cause of her screaming.. I guess it should be due to teething/wonder week phase right now

Mine too she has been screaming since 3 months old. Even now she has a bad cough and throat she is still trying to scream haha.

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Is it a scream because of pain? Did you check her stomach if she has gas?

2y ago

If she is touching her ears often it is a sign of teething. If not, maybe she just wants to be carried and feel safe and warm.☺️