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TV: Confinement Practices


Confinement is a period of time post pregnancy that is dedicated towards rest for mummy and baby to recover from childbirth. In the past when infant and maternal mortality rates were high, it was a practice to keep both baby and mother indoors during the period of confinement to protect them from ill health. By now, you may have been exposed to some of the practices from your parents. While their beliefs come from well wishes to protect mother and baby - some lack any scientific basis. That's why we have experts Dr. Irene Chua and Dr. Jonathan Wee here to discuss confinement practices from a gynae point-of-view! We do hope moms who are about to give birth as well as post-natal moms who are currently in the confinement period find their advice helpful. Tune in at 8:30pm on 23rd of August 2016 to learn about confinement practices from a gynae's view point only on ParentTown TV!
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