In order to regain my pre-pregnancy figure and lose weight, is it compulsory to undergo post-natal massage or urut?

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Post Natal Massage could facilitate the recovery process of the mother’s body after delivery. It would aid in: - Improving blood circulation throughout the body - Reducing the post-partum swelling - Easing muscular tension of tight/sore muscles - Pushing the uterus up and shrinking it to its original size - Reducing fluid retention - Relaxation - Reducing headaches or migraines Like what Tresa mentioned, I don't think it is compulsory as well. A lot of my friends felt that breastfeeding, eating well and exercising all play a large part in regaining their pre-pregnancy figure.

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It is not compulsory to go for post natal massage. It is more for massaging to put ur womb in place. Some of my friends did not believe in the massage and opted out. They are back to exercise and I must say, they look good. Hence, do what u are comfortable as not everyone likes massages. You can do your own exercise to maintain ur pre preg figure and to look good.

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Super Mum

I did massages as I’m not those who exercises frequently