Tom Yum Cabonara

yellow onion slice dice chic breast mushroom cooking cream fresh milk tom yum paste butter heat cooker with butter toss in onions, fry till soft. in goes the chic. once done... in goes the mushroom... sautee them a lil bit then add half and half or cream and milk till you desire the level of gravy. add in the paste. serve with pasta and garnish with alfafa

Tom Yum Cabonara
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that really looks nice, thank you!! - any one gave it a try?

VIP Member looks yummy 不不不不不

Thanks for sharing! Looks yummy! :)

Thanks for sharing. Looks good

Thanks for sharing! Looks yummyyy

This looks really yummy!

Wow this recipe looks so good

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Sharing is caring. Thank u!

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Looks super yumssss...


Thks for sharing! 中