just wondering, can we choose to have caesarean delivery or normal delivery?

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You can opt for normal delivery or Elective caesarean. However, sometimes, even when we so wanted to deliver vaginally, not possible so ends up having emergency c-sect.

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can . and also depends, I wanted c section but cannot cause my doc believe that I can push and I did it... but it was quite hard thou cause first timer 😅

4y ago

thank you! oh, im sorry to hear that :( stay strong mummy, Allah has better plans for you :) hopefully you got a baby again asap! thank youuu once again


Yes can, unless certain complications comes then gynae will advice.

Yup can choose! I choose natural delivery because can heal faster.

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Yes. Of course dr will advise u of your choices and risks

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check if your gynae will do elective cesarean or not

yes can choose but i would suggest normal delivery

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Think gynae will advise whats best for u..

Yes, you are able to choose.

Depends on your gynae