Wife to husband: Your money is our money but my money is mine. What’s your opinion? (hubby’s the only one working)

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I think the problem here is financial issues. As always I advise my friend to live on the lowest income and share expenses equally. Money issue is one of reasons that lead to divorce because parties have different expectation of each other. Marriage is an equal partnership. Each party stands in the same spouse-relationship.The starting point should be sharing the financial burden equally. One party burden should not be decreased just because the other party is wealthier, and one party burden should not be increased just because the other party is less well off. This is certainly not an inflexible rule but just a general principal. I don't agree with money earn belongs to the whole household because that feel like a communist idea. Why would a richer party married a poorer party? Who will work harder? I feel the approach should be both contribute equally to the marriage, both taking part in care giving and financial contribution to maintain the union. Certainly either party can be generous to the other when he or she at his or her own willing, but it cannot be taken as an entitlement. At the end we didn't married each other for money right?

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