it feels impossible to save money after having just 1 kid. I'm working a $2.5k job and so is my husband. Our income barely covers everything. Is there any advice that you could give to us apart from just setting aside money every month? we're worried right now. On a good month we only manage to save about $800. Is that enough?

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It might not seem enough but atleast you are saving :) it will add up along the way. I think you're on the right track. Make better choices in terms of spending -- if you have extra, you might feel like you want to spend it on miscellaneous things but think if it can be put towards something else. That being said, it doesn't mean you cannot enjoy. I agree with the mom above, there are ways to enjoy and shop without breaking a buck.

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I would say $5k per month is quite comfortable for a family of 3. Of coz it dep on ur needs n wants. For me, cooking at home definitely saves more than eating out. Going to a govt Sch is cheaper than private. We eat out only twice a month n the rest of the time, just do simple cooking. If my hub is working, we take bus/ mrt than taxi. Going out parks, museums, playground which are free can be v fun for family. Go carousel, motherhood forum to get cheaper deals. Normally, I save here n there but spend a little bit more on baby stuff.

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That’s the thing abt Singapore It’s too exp

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Find places to save. Keeping up with the jones is an expensive and shameful habit perpetuated by the media. Don’t. There are always cheaper alternatives and even free ones that may be better than expensive marketed stuff out there. A combined income of $5k should be sufficient for a family of 3 to live very comfortably. Unless you have money tied up in financial obligations

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