husband still being sweet with ex wife

I know I am jealous wife. But husband being to sweet to his ex wife. And whenever the ex wife ask for money he will give it to her for her own use. Then next time just remarried your ex wife. I know you can't let go of her.

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U are not being jealous but this feeling is natural... Wat if u are being sweet to ur ex-bf nor ex-husband... Does ur husband have any say to tis..? Don't use kids as a reasons... Wat they have in the past is over... He shud at least respect ur feeling for being his wife thou... Every move he made against his ex wife i guess he shud initiatively discuss it with... Because u have the right to know everything...

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Do have a good talk with your husband, maybe he feels sorry for her etc. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine.

Talk to him. Technically she has the right to ask for maintenance since she's taking care their child

2y ago

Maintenance money for the kid and money for her own usage is totally different thing here. Cos he is giving it to her for her own usage.

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Why are they still in contact? If they have a child together, I can understand. If not, why?!

Do they have a legal arrangement for financial support? Sounds like you two need a good talk

Y r they dirvoce? How come his ex wife still asking for money for own use

Did you try to ask him why he so nice? There's always a reason to his action

2y ago

Technically he dont want to have a bad relationship with his ex wife, cos if he does he won't get to see his kid at all. And under the court order both of them have a shared custody for their kid she is selfish prick and ex wife is threatening my husband that way cos she got another kid from another guy and that guy cant provide money for them

Talk to your husband, wife and husband shouldn't have secret.

2y ago

What??? Then you should really sit down and talk to him and expose him. Because overtime it will really depress you.

My husband cant get over his two kids with his ex wife

Aiyo talk to him. If me I also will jealous.