Conceiving experience

My wife and i had been married for 3 years and was trying to conceive as long as 3 years. We did not see a doc at the time as we felt nothing is wrong with us until when all the close friends around us are having kids. We decided to seek medical advise. To our disappointment, my sperm mobility was almost zero and my wife has irregular period and not so strong eggs. The chances are low and we been suggested to go for IVF and something that i forget. It will be costly and painful. It was a desvesating blow to my wife. My mother in law, a mongolian knew about our matter and brought us traditional mongolia herbs by their physician and told us to try for 9mths before going for ivf or adoption(my wife desperate idea). Never did we knew, just after less than 2mths after taking the medical herbs my wife is pregnant and now i am a proud father of a baby boy. So parent wannabe ... Dun give up hope !!! Love from Baby Aaron

Conceiving experience
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Congratulations!! It must have been really tough on the both of you. Happy for you:)

This is such a beautiful story 😍 Congratulations!

I am so happy for you reading your story😊🌹

Thks for the motivating sharing.

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Thank you for sharing !



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