My wife and I agreed that we weren't ready to have kids, but she went off birth control without telling me and now she's pregnant. I feel so angry and betrayed right now. I have thought about leaving her, but the thought of leaving a pregnant woman just doesn't sit well with me. But I don't know how I can trust her again, let alone raise a kid with her. What now?

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I'm sure you can find ways to fix this kind of things but first of all, while it's really disheartening that your wife sneakingly went off birth control, I think it's not enough reason to leave her. Yes, she may have betrayed you in a way but personally, if you really love someone, you'll find ways to fix things and not resort immediately to separation. Talking it down may not stop her from bearing her child who happens to be your child too, but it may possibly set things straight. Babies are blessing no matter how hard it is to raise one. You can consult marriage counselors if you want. Hoping you can decide clearly on what you think what's best for your family.

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