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please I have a burden in my heart and I have been looking for a way to ease this burden but thank God I came across this app .. I have a question to ask I'm a foreigner here in the Philippines, I got married to a Filipino woman , at first it was hard for her family to accept me just for the reason best known to them.. we later got married and ever since we got married , it seems my wife really value her siblings more than me , even when I fall sick , she was very reluctant to take me to the hospital, but she always run as fast as she can to attend to her brother who is even married whenever her brother falls sick .. I'm not saying my wife is a bad woman but this is deeply eaten me up ... the worst recently happened, the girlfriend of one of my wife's brother always call my wife to assist her and my wife never complains but whenever I tell my wife to do things for me , she always tell me that she is not my maid ???.. just yesterday the girlfriend of her brother called her again and I told her not to go anywhere because it is already a big disrespect on my end , they do things without taking permission from me ... my wife got mad and furious because of that... I really feel like crying but who will I cry to ? it's very disheartening, my heart is breaking , I dont know If she truly loves me ... please I need advise from you guys .. God bless you all

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Hello Nathaniel, I can understand what you're going through right now. With my observation to some other Filipinas married to a foreigner, they marry them to get out of poverty. I'm not counting all of them but there are some. Do you mind if I ask, do you provide for her family too? Are you living here for good? Or you're planning to go back home w/ her? Can you really feel her love for you? It's a no brainer to see if a woman loves you or not, same as to the guys. If she can't prioritize you & doesn't respect your opinion or decision then you should question her love for you. I don't want to judge her but I think that her "love" for you is questionable & it supercedes her love for her family. If you can't get to talk to her about that, maybe you talk to her parents. Communicate is really the key for the both. If your situation couldn't be resolve then I think you should leave her. Maybe she's not ready for marriage or committing to you.

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It is indeed disheartening to know that a fellow Filipina did that to you. Filipinas are known for their unparalleled love and care for their family moreso their husbands, foreigner or not. But I hope you also know that Filipinos have strong family ties, thus, family is always a priority. However, I agree with you. That's too much already. You deserve the love and attention you need from her. Kindly assess yourself as well though as you might have done something that she didn't like or might have hurt her and you're not aware of it. At the end of the day, communication is key. Do whatever it takes to salvage the relationship and after you have exhausted everything and there's still no change, be brave to leave the relationship and pursue your happiness.

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try to go out dine out and talk to her about how you feel. you may be to good and she knows it. sometimes some of filipino woman are also abusive if they know that someone loves them they take them for granted. or they just abuse you because they know you will be there for them no matter what. do you provide for the needs of her family too? is she being kind to you only if she needs something? or her family needs something especially monetary? if yes then please think twice. talk to her that if she will not prioritise you then its not a relationship anymore. i dont know im just not into women who are abusive and they feel very privileged. if she will not change then leave her its not your lost..its her lost.

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Have you talk to your wife about it? If not, you should. Some people do not know that their actions towards others is somehow disrespecting. I dont want you to get offended but yes "some" Filipina marry foreigner because of the thinking that they will become rich or they'll live abroad. They use it to get out of poverty. You should be open with your wife, tell everything you dont like in a nice way that she dont get offended.

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Sorry to hear that.. most filipina are like that.. I’m a married to a british. My husband tells me that he’s my number one priority now and my son, the rest is second. And i agree with that. My family knows that too. So we don’t have a problem.

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sige po salamat sis😊 kasi aug. ako EDD ko tpos nov. pa sya uuwi.. pero next year pa plan nami magpakasal..

..let her know how u think & feel & see if she change for the better good for u. if not, its up to u if u'll live up to what she makes u feel. i wish u all the best

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yes i agree❤