Who are parents of toddlers currently in their terrible twos? My eldest, 2.6 y/o has tantrums average of 4-5x per week. But it only lasts for 10 minutes. That is if we give her an arrangement that is in her favor. This happens when she wakes up in a bad mood or sleepy. I just want to know if you experience this too? Is it normal? Sometimes I feel like losing it too. I pretend to cry when she starts crying, then she stops. Haha

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Same scenario here. Most of the time, my kiddo wakes up in a bad mood and he'd cry for several minutes. I tried to pretend to cry once he was younger, but now it's no longer effective. Haha I guess he's so used to it already.

6y ago

So glad I'm not alone. Na-wiwirduhan sya kapag grown-ups ang magkunwaring may tantrums! Haha. Actually, 2 days ago we figured out she just needs EXTRA TLC; when she wakes up hug ko siya and play with her during the day. It's hard kasi she has a 3-month old sister na inaalagaan ko din and I have online work lol. But this will pass, right? :D