May 9 is a special day to appreciate the life of our mothers. I believe motherhood is not only define by giving birth to a child for me it is the unconditional love you are willing to give to bring up a child. When I became a Mom I never knew the real meaning of sacrifice until I experienced how tough it is to give birth, the pain is indescribable and the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “JUST SAVE MY BABY NO MATTER WHAT CHOOSE MY BABY” I even say this to my husband when I gave birth to my Son. That’s when I realise “NANAY KA NA NGA” because it is not about myself anymore my children became my world. God sent them to give me direction. I realise that a Mothers love is unconditional, she forgets everything about her and will focus on how she will become a better person for her children. She will sacrifice her life to give them a better future, she may not be perfect but the only thing she holds in her heart is the future of her children. To be able to raised them Godly and give them a better future. It is not only today we appreciate our mothers but we should celebrate their life everyday for giving us life and light in this world. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO OUR PRECIOUS GEMS THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ❤️ Don’t forget to send hug and kisses to your mom everyday. #HappyMothersDayToEveryone #MothersDayTAP

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