I am having problems with my pre-schooler. She is now 3.9 yo. Accdg to her teacher, she is always in motion, hurts other classmates & throw things when in bad mood. I am fearful that she might also have adhd like her older brother although another factor which i consider is my mom - her guardian, who is a very strict disciplinarian and often spanks her when she acts up.

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If you are worried about ADHD, you can consult a dev ped. But I read somewhere that ideally the child has to be 4 years old at least to be diagnosed. Definitely talk to your mom about spanking - especially if you don't agree with that method of discipline. Talk to your child also - remind her that hitting and throwing are not good and that if she wants to make friends and enjoy school, she shouldn't do those things. How does the teacher deal with her behavior? You should also be in agreement in how to handle it when your daughter is in one of her bad moods.

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