Who among you here doesn't give gifts to their spouse on Christmas?

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Me! My hubby & I dun give me any gifts for occassions like our birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Xmas and all others. We believe tat all these r not necessary at all as wad relationships need is true tender loving care. I am happy enough to have him love me for who I am. To us, it is a waste of $ and we would rather spend tiz $ on our baby, good food & those things tat we need. If give gifts everytime, u will find tat very soon, it will lose e purpose of giving & it becomes giving for e sake of giving.

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we don't give each other things as well. unless there is a need for something. but I won't say that we buy gifts for each other on any occasions. I feel that it's not necessary, rather it's more of a media gimmick to make us spend more then we can afford. especially on the main occasions. everything is priced and marked up. so not worth it me.

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It has to be my husband all the time. I don't know whether he does it intentionally or it happens this way but he gets kids their gift but somehow doesn't get ideas when it comes to me. It is like, "I couldn't zero in on what you would actually like." Lame excuse, na!

5y ago

;) true.

Kami, we are not used to exchanging gifts since we got married. Nasanay na kami na mga bata lang binibigyan namin ng regalo lagi. Ok na kami sa food trip and we can buy together naman without wrapping them nga lang. Hehe

Usually I do, this year I did not. We are trying to save right now. And it just didn't feel ness. However; I did do other things to make him feel special on Christmas!

I don't get my SO an expensive or an extravagant gift. I usually just get him something that he needs. E.g. I got him facial wash this Xmas ;) hahaha

5y ago

man like practical items ;) kudos to you.

I do not give any material thing to him but what I do every year is, bake a small cake exclusively for him. ;) This is my way of doing it.

5y ago


Depende sa financial situation. Kapag kaunti lang ang bayarin ay maiisingit yung regalo sa bawat isa.

It's automatic, every Christmas, my husband gives me a bag while I give him watch.

5y ago

Cool, predictable.. man likes that.. hahaaha!

Not even one even though I was expecting that. hehehe.