What is your take on a spouse who doesn't celebrate nor give importance to special occasions in your family even your anniversary?

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When my partner and I first got in a relationship, we were so ecstatic to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's day, monthsaries, and of course, our anniversaries. We had surprises and unique gift ideas for each other. However, as our jobs demanded most of our schedule, we seldom celebrate anymore. A date every once a week became a habit. Since we are together for almost 4 years, we do not feel any discontentment with this setting. Our treatment for our one-day dates is more than a special occasion celebration.

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After having a baby, my partner and I don't celebrate anniversaries anymore, and I think I'm fine with it. Maybe because he never fails to show that he loves us and care for us everyday. However, maybe if we're already wed, it would bother me a bit if he won't even celebrate the day with me and our kid. If you're really concerned about it, you may talk about it and tell him what you feel. If you keep it in yourself, then maybe he'll stay as complacent as that.

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Sometimes you have to get used to the kind of set up that you have. If it has been years and nothing has changed, and it's not affecting your relationship as a couple, then you just have to deal with it. If you feel there's still a need to open up with him on how you feel towards the situation, you may do so. But don't expect too much. What is important is you have aired out your emotions and it's up to your spouse on how he/she would act upon it.

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There are partners who aren't expressive so they have their own ways in showing you how to make you feel secured despite no celebration at all. For me, what matters most is your mutual understanding on issues like this. You can initiate the celebration but don't expect too much in return.

My parents are like this and they are very much happy and together.However, this is not the relationship for me. I would always want to celebrate special occasions because I feel like they are a reminder that there are more important things in life other than work and career.

There could be several reasons why it cannot be celebrated, due to busy schedules or due to work hours In my opinion, it's okay not to celebrate it, as long as the other acknowledges that it is a special day and make it up to them at the end of the day!