Do you give gifts to your child on their first birthday?

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I agree with Anne's previous response. My wife and I didn't give a physical gift to our daughter on her first birthday, rather, the party was her gift. Other parents, family members, etc. all gave gifts as a formality, though we never asked them to. Generally, I think the first birthday celebration is more for the parents. It kind of serves as a celebration that you, as parents, have made it a year into parenthood!

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No separate gift when my kids celebrated their first birthday. I agree with most of the moms here. For me, the celebration, preparation, and effort we put into getting the party done, is our gift to them. But aside from that, of course we also bought them things they can use but it's no longer wrapped as a present.

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I agree with Anne, although I think it's still best to celebrate the first birthday with close family and friends because I sincerely doubt that the baby will remember any details about it :)

We're planning to buy her a necklace with her initials as pendant and a nice pair of earrings as our first birthday gift. This will be her first jewelries (she doesn't have earrings yet).

Our gift would be the celebration itself. We don't think we need to give them gifts because they received a lot from their guests

I think that we should give gifts which are memorable and meaningful. Insurance or educational plan is one of the nicest gifts.

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Yup I do . Throw him a party , bought him tons of toys , new playmat and snacks !

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Yes. My husband bought a small bicycle for baby. To train him walk also

nope.. we didnt but any specific gift ..

Yes absolutely