Do you encourage your kids to watch or follow celebrity kids on social media like Kendra/Scarlet, Scarlet Snow, etc? Why or why not?

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I have almost the same thoughts as Rea. As much as possible, I don't want my children to mirror what they see on the videos although I know these kids exemplify good morals in most videos. However, we can't deny the fact that they have a different life style from us. I don't like my kids to think that it's a usual thing for every kid to have all the luxurious toys, clothing, trips they see on the videos. Nothing against with these celeb kids, in fact they are so adorable.

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As much as possible, I do not encourage them to follow these celebrity kids. The tendency is they will be blinded by the material things or the fame that these kids have. It contrasts the learning that I want my children to instill, and it is to be contented on their current state and the blessings that they have now.

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