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Hi mummies! Just a random question 😄 Dont mind sharing usually at which week you inform family members , friends and social media that ure pregnant?

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My boss (who is also a good friend) knew first as I had bleeding in my first trimester and had to take HL! That was at 7 weeks. My family next at 9 weeks. My in-laws at 11 weeks. My closest cousin and best friend, also 11 weeks. Close colleagues (cos I needed their help to cover me) at 12 weeks. Just told the rest of my colleagues this week at 15 weeks (out of necessity). Close friends, I will tell them as soon as I meet them cos I wanna see them face to face and get hugs!!! The rest will know when they see me pregnant or walking around with a child 😆

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My own parents - after testing postive as I have no idea what to do. In laws - Wasn’t in good terms when I found out I was pregnant hence they only found out around 4-5 months into pregnancy. Close friends - After birth. Hi bye friends/acquaintances/socmed - Never inform unless bump into each other on the streets.

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Work at week 20 Friends and family at around week 18 after NIPT