My son’s photos on my MIL’s social media

My MIL, bless her, likes posting pictures of my son on her social media. We happen to be sending her photos regularly of my son on our group chat but she posts almost all of them on her facebook. Not sure if I am totally okay with it. What do I do?

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The question is ...if you are comfortable with it? If you are a very private person and like to keep a low profile maybe you should let her know how you feel or you could ask her to add you and your hubby to her postings in her social least you are aware of the list of friends on her postings and the chats. :)

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wow, your MIL must be feeling so proud of your son to be posting pics of him. But are you not comfortable with that? Was there any comments or responses tagged in those pics uploaded? If you or your son don't like her posting, maybe can have a friendly chat with her?

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Talk to her about it. I think people can go overboard too much when it comes to exposing their personal lives too much.

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Your MIL is very proud of your son 😍 but if you don’t like her posting on SM, just nicely talk to her about it.

Have you tried talking to her about it? Maybe she’s unaware of the dangers of social media?

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talk to her about privacy? tell her ur concerns.