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I’m not really comfortable with other people (apart from family, even them, sometimes tbh) taking photos of my son and sharing them on social media. How can I tell them to refrain from doing it (esp. now that my son’s birthday party is coming up) without offending them?

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I would just share on fb a scary article about how a kids life got screwed up by having his photos available in public and tag all my family members in it. And then say publicly that going forward you’re gonna stop sharing photos of your child in public as the risk is too great....

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Wouldn’t that be a little too passive-aggressive?

Be open and honest with them, but in a friendly manner. Remember, they will mean well and many will have no idea if they are upsetting you. A friendly and private word should be enough to stop it happening again.

I think you would need to sit them down and speak to them and be honest about how uncomfortable it makes you. I would also feel very uncomfortable if someone did the same to me.

i will simply tell them to not (ever) post any pics of my son or family without my agreement. i am very protective of my family that way

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Just be direct and tell them. say hey, I hope you would respect my concern for my kid's safety by not sharing photos of him online. thanks!