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Which brand recommend? Hegen Avent MAM(able to open bottom to wash) Tommee tippee Nuk

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I bought avent . But is see what your baby ok with le. If all the tits of avent he or she dunlike than u no choice got to try other brand le . Heard regent is not bad . The tit flat one good for nb . Plus if the bottle dun need le can use as storage container . But avent is the more trustable popular brand la. Pigeon all this are very old brands it's been in the market for super long very trustable but to me I find the technology not there yet . But tts 8 years ago . Maybe it's different now. My kid last time i tried pigeon but cause alot of air bubbles in the milk . But now maybe their technology of anti colic improve . All this got to try . Diff baby diff .

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Hegen for my baby. It doesn’t cause nipple confusion for him. He can DL and also feed on bottle without any problem. I tried TT as I received one sample bottle but baby doesn’t like it.

I Haven start shopping yet. But my mil receommend Avent, my fren recommend hegan , pigeon...

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I use Hegen. Easy to clean, and in the future can use as baby food container.. :)

Dr brown. Material is good as it is not pure plastic and anti collic.

I use Avent for him, try comotomo bottle too I heard it's good

I gotten tomme tippee, seems like not the best choice

Pigeon is still e best! PP ones

I prefer dr brown

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i use pigeon