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Hi mummies! I am not a fan of Hegen, don’t ask me why! Anyway, I’m contemplating to buy these 2 brand of bottles — Philips Avent & Tommee Tippee. What are your recommendations? #firstimemom #firstpreganancy

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Depends on your baby. My twin A was ok with avent and not tommee tippee. Twin B was opposite. So it was really troublesome to use 2 different brands. Switched to hegen and they both accepted hegen. But between tommee tippee and avent, i prefer avent natural. Avent anti colic sometimes leaks eventho you close the lid tightly. Tommee tippee is easier to wash than avent but always leaves a few ml of milk because of the shape of the bottle, so there’s always gonna be wastage unless you position the bottle 90degree while feeding the baby which isn’t ideal ofcourse.

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My LO used all these bottles. Hegen & Avent was free gift by insurance whereas I bought TT before baby was born. She was okay with all bottles but least preferred TT hence I only used TT twice💸. Current favourite for baby and mummy is still Avent natural. 😊

they always say it depends on your baby whether he/she like the teats. for me, Im using tommee tippee and my girl accept it. im considering avent for my next baby. no specific reason for the change. TT bottle and accessories are easy to find

I tried all 3. My baby prefers TT. He drinks his milk real fast which make Hegen and Philips not suitable as he easily choke. TT bottles come with slow flow nipple and has option for anti-colic, they really help!

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Barring your baby’s preferences I find avent easier to clean and store. TT’s odd shape leaves milk residue at the indent and the wider bottle is not friendly to pack into the cooler bags

im the same first time mom here. i recently bought philips avent natural newborn starter kit. hopefully it works well for my baby. my second choice would be tommy tippee!

I have been using this brand for my lil one for more than a year.

I recommend Philips Avent cause to me it is at a affordable price

Try considering Dr Brown!