Hegen or Tommee Tippee?

Which is better? First time mum here & i would like to take advantage of the upcoming 11.11 sale to buy baby bottles. Im thinking of getting either the Hegen complete starter kit or Tommee Tippee complete feeding set. Both seems great to me 😭 If Hegen, exactly which bottle sterilizer and warmer can be used? Please give the exact brand / name / model. Thank you! :)

Hegen or Tommee Tippee?
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I have a wide range of wide neck bottles. Avent, Hegen, Pigeon, TT, Dr brown. I'm using Tommee tippee's warmer n 59s steriliser

Hello! Im using Hegen bottles with Avent sterilizer w dryer function and also Avent bottle warmer :)

I’m using Hegen bottles and Avent steriliser and dryer. Hegen bottles are amazing!

I am using hegen bottles, with pigeon bottle warmer and haenim steriliser

Hi mummy! I’m using Hegen bottle and the loveamme steriliser.


I use tommee tippee with Philips Avent steriliser

I used Hegen for my 2 lo with Upang sterilisers

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hegen with Avent steriliser