Hello, where do you celebrate your LO 1 year old birthday?

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I did it at condo function room. Where we did a fun cake smash! Only family. No guests. So about 10-12 of us.

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4y ago

Sorry for tagging on, where did you get the cake? The photo is simply lovely!

1yo too young to understand anything. wait till 3yo. best age to celebrate!

We did not celebrate his first year birthday. Its just another day. A birthday celebration for a year old baby maybe too overwhleming.

It was where i work, in a juvenile girls home! lol

Open a party at home ~

For my 1st Child, we did a home party. 2nd child we just head for a simple japanese buffet with family!

just dinner with my family at swensen

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My void deck! Haha kind of, we had a buffet lunch there - but it was for needy families and not with my immediate/extended family :) We did a small family cake cutting at home, and also had a cake smash photoshoot!

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