My LO’s one year old birthday

Hello mummies how do you celebrate your LO’s first birthday? Any ideas?

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Super Mum

Yes we did! For all 3! But there are some things we learned: 1) they enjoy it when there’re less guests 2) that the objective is for them to have fun although as adults we always feel like it’s the perfect excuse to have fun 3) they don’t last long - good to keep it to an hour or two. Work around their usual schedule or it gets a little difficult for them Hope this helps - these are just suggestions

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Super Mum

we only had a small celebration of our own. cake smash for baby and just decorated the living room with balloons for pictures

it can be very overwhelming for a 1 year old so suggest to best celebrate with family in a small and intimate setting


due to covid, I only had a mini buffet of 15 pax. I do the decoration myself customized a birthday cake that's all

Yes but a small gathering of loved ones makes the first birthday more memorable and intimate :)

Small gathering, order nice tze char, and cake


Ice cream cake and gathering with family.

Small gathering with fam