Birthday Celebration

My baby girl is turning 1 year old this April. Just want to know where can we celebrate? At home or find a venue to celebrate? Need suggestions for this. Thank you.

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Recommend home celebration. Cater food for 6/8 pax and cake :)

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Home would be the best choice. At your own comfort and also convenient for u and your baby in case baby wants to nap


I think home is a better choice for now.

I think u can drop the idea. Just how big is ur place? Imagine u have visitors streaming in via maybe via 2hrs appointments and ur busybody neighbours saw it and call the police to investigate, wouldn't that spoil ur entire mood? From what i understand that visitor limit is by per day, not by the amount of people present intermittently. I have neighbours calling the police cos my neighbour was having solemnization at their unit. I'm staying in a maisonette.

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due to covid period even with venue Avaliable it's just for 8 pax unless you want to split into 1 hour for each group

i would prefer home, limited to 8 visitors on that day only

Best to have it at home, given the current situation

Now the no. of local community also rise up so take extra precaution & celebrate at home more better & convenient. Easy to put baby to sleep also if become cranky.

Home better

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can invite up to 8 to your home :)