Weirdest thing u ever cried during pregnancy

Whenever my husband going to work i will definitely cry for no reason.. ?? How about u guys??? Pls share it here

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Not weird at all. We’re naturally more emotional during pregnancy. You may normally miss your husband when he goes to work, but you won’t cry. Now that you have all these hormones, and you probably also think and worry about additional stuff, it’s completely normal to cry when your husband (whom I imagine is very important to you) is not by your side. I used to worry that something would happen to my husband and that he would not come home safely. I would also get upset when he was using his computer and spend less time with me, even though I knew he needed his “me time”. So I sometimes just held it in, and other times spoke to him and asked if we could spend some time together. You can create a morning routine with your husband before he leaves, like having breakfast together, hugging each other for a minute before he leaves, etc. so that your emotions can settle before he steps out of the house. Hang in there, the emotions will get better:)

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I cried for a free soup in a fast food chain (Mang inasal). I didn't finish my food coz I was so disappointed that it's not yet available. And after I got out i cried that I didn't even have a taste.

When I have nightmares particularly abt him leaving us in any ways. Think affair / death/ overseas trip. LOL. and I'll wake up wailing and at the same time wake him up too. Happened 3 times in the last month.

Cried because 18 Chefs forgot my order, because I can't go to Changi Jewel, because the characters in the Disney movies started singing and I found it touching, and many many more reasons 🤣

I will cry when my husband has to work on weekends even he is on shift haha! Also when I dont get to eat the food I crave. Super weird! 🤣

I cried when I left my chou chou at my home but I was at my in-laws home lol. I look back and get so embarrassed at myself even nw


I cried every time my husband refuse to buy for me Frozen merchandise. 😂 But he end up buying for me anyway 😂😂😂

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i cried when im hungry hahahah i dont usually cry bc of hunger but pregnancy making my hunger unbearable 😂

I cried thinking I have to go to work the next day. And also when my husband goes for his overseas trip.

Went to Mcdonalds, ordered food and they forgot my fries. And I started bawling my eyes out 😂