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When do you start maternity leave? The week of edd or the week before or when? 1st time mummy here so im wondering when do people usually take ml? Since baby might come early/later thn edd?

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I cleared all my annual leave and took 3 weeks before the EDD cause I kept having a feeling that baby will come earlier as sge was really active towards the last few weeks, ended up giving birth at 40+1

I’m taking one week before my Edd date. Even though work from home but stomach getting bigger and better take a rest.

Taking 2 weeks before EDD cos I'm feeling too heavy already. It really depends on your ability to still work.

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I start my maternity leave on the EDD. Before that I took HL and clear all my leaves.

Started ML on the day I gave birth. Before that was just taking 1 week of HL

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I started on the day I deliver. I was working until the day I deliver.

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ML starts on the day you give birth. Before that it's either MC or HL

Edd 8th Feb and I'll start my maternity leave on 1st Feb.

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I will take 1 weeks before delivery to rest and get ready

My wife started her Maternity Leave on the day she gave birth.

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Yes, even if is public holiday.