Maternity Leave

Hi working mummies. When do u start to take your ML? 1m before EDD or?

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ML starting on the day of delivery. You can try asking for HL frm ur gynae prior to EDD, esp if u hve some kind of health condition. If ure with private hospital, ure in luck cz gynaes wld be more flexible in giving HL compared to gov hosp. I was with Parkway and got 4 wks HL due to asthma.

I start my ML on the day i give birth. You will need to speak to your employer for this arrangement if not your ML will start 1 month before your EDD by default according to MOM. Can try asking your gynae for HL before you give birth. Dont waste your ml 🤭


day of delivery. but before that will clear some annual leave.

One day before EDD or if can on the actual day of birth

I wanted more after so I take 1 week before edd

Planning to start on the day i deliver 😂

as for me, 1 month before.


The day I delivered!!

on the day of csec