When I was only 10, I was chosen to be a part of an international dance troupe. However my mother lied to me saying that I lost the chance as she was afraid I would neglect my studies. She told me much later that she had not allowed the troupe to get in touch with me. Dance is my passion and I feel I missed that super opportunity then. Although her reason is genuine, I am still unable to forgive my mum for the same. Am I correct in having this grudge against her cause somewhere inside me there is still a pending turbulence?

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Hey, When kids are young and not capable enough to make decisions for themselves, parents do it for them. And you must understand that your mum is also a first time mother, she is also in the learning process as a parent. She must have taken the decision with the best of understanding about the things. She thought, this would be best for you. Trust that may be after 20 years when you will look back, you will realise that your parents are the people who think and do the best for you. Do not doubt your mother. I am sure your mother must be educated and learned and in that capacity too her decision making would be saner and quite close to be the best if not perfect. Also, if you think she did wrong, then ask yourself, don't you take wrong decisions sometimes, or in future will you always be right? So, when the 'moment' is there, we always make a decision according to our understanding of things and that's what your mother must have done. Keeping a grudge in your heart will only affect a beautiful bond between a child and the mother, and trust, it is not worth it. If you are passionate about dancing, you can continue doing it. May be your destiny has it, that you will start now. Stop blaming your mother and move on. Even if she was wrong, you cannot undo things, and when you cannot change the past, what is the point of keeping a grudge in your heart! Best you can do is speak to your mother and tell her that I still feel you did not take the right decision then, all this, if it makes you feel better. Else, let it go and move on. Your mother forgives you for so many things that you do and that you will do in future, so it shouldn't be tough for you to forgive her too.

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Hi, ur feeling is very natural but one cannot undo what happened in the past so best is to let go and surrender urself to the universe and try n forgive ur mom as her intentions were only good for you. and its never too late for anything, u can always pursue ur passion of dancing even now.