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Can anyone recommend a good speech therapist in mumbai?
Why did you ask here for therapy treatment in Malaysia. Just ask in Mumbai, India.
93237 90584...kindly call dis numbr
Hi Aarti, I am sharing a link with you where you can book an appointment. Not only this, you can also get reviews about the doctor and see the best amongst all. https://www.practo.com/mumbai/spee
hello aarthi...myself is a speech therapist and an audiologist..i can help u with ur question if u can provide me with the details like which area in mumbai will be easy reacheable for u. thanku
How often should a 2.5 yr old urinate in a day?
I think both mummies have already answered your question. If you're worried that your kid is not peeing enough, check the pee. Is it dark and very concentrated? If yes, then he is dehydrated and needs
Ermmm... There is no answer to that. Its like asking how many times an adult should urinate a day. It deoends on how much you drink and go whenever you need?
Huh? As often or as much as needed? It's a input output balance thing by homeostasis. Urinate too little could be dehydrated, not enough water, urinary track problem. Too much also urinary track probl
Does Mundan have any scientific benefits?
I feel mundan has one major benefit. If the child's hairgrowth is not very stable or good texture since birth, mundan helps to regrow good hair
nope, not at all. there are some cultures that follow a mundan ceremony, while others don't
Post pregnancy i have developed many moles all over my body, how can i get rid of them and is this normal post pregnancy?
oh yes it is very very normal. i had very few after my first baby was born, but after the birth of my second one, i suddenly felt as if i was covered in moles! i did show them to my doc and she sa
Post pregnancy my nails have become brittle, any home remedy to make them stronger and look beautiful?
lemon juice can definitely help. also, make sure you have a good intake of calcium in your diet.
yes you can regularly massage your nail and cuticle area with coconut oil, or even lemon juice. you can also make a mix of olive oil and lemon juice and apply it 2 3 times a week.
How do i plan the consistency of my baby's food month wise (for eg. transition from liquid to semi solid to coarsely grinded food)
In the baby-led weaning perspective, babies are developmentally able to feed themselves chunks of family food right from the start of weaning, from 6mos. there's no transition programme /stages of fo
Hi mum, the best way to go about this is to give each food type at least three to four week's time. For instance, once you start your baby on liquids (ideally after the sixth month), continue for abou
I delivered post 30 , I am also a working mom so I feel I'm perpetually stressed trying to strike a balance between raising my toddler and work pressures. Am I at a risk for heart ailments?
Hey mom, take care of yourself. Too much stress and lack of sleep can increase the risk of heart ailments, and managing a toddler along with work and home can be tough. I would suggest you try to m
Planning to start ghar ka milk for my kids, are tetra packs better or packet cows milk? Pls suggest
we have always used tetra packs for our kids and there has never been any problem till date.
Tetra pack is good
I use tetra pack milk amul taaza and its good
BuffAlo milk
I used cow 🐮 milk for my boy. It suited him really well & help him grow & development too. So I suggested it to all.
My baby is 6 months now. The list of foods to be given by the doctor also includes rice cereal. Which brands would you moms recommend.
You can try CERELAC Infant Cereal. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the baby. I found this article online which may help you: https://sg.theasianparent.com/cerelac-infant
The best brands would be: 1. NurturMe Organic Infant Cereals 2. WutsupBaby Apple Banana Infant & Baby Cereal 3. Gerber Single-Grain Rice Baby Cereal You can make it home too and it is advisable to do
make it at home....soft rice or khichdi. I found Cerelac to be always the most trustworthy brand.
I always prefer the homemade rice cereal over the market one for my baby. Here I know exactly what my baby is eating and how fresh and healthy the ingredients are. Please find below the recipe for r
Pls help me, yeh banana powder kyu dete hai baby ko? Age kya hai and kis naam se market pe mil jayega?
Banana ek aisa fruit hai jo sabke liye faidemand hai. Raw ho ya ripe, banana mein bahut vitamins and minerals hote hai. Toh bacchon ko either raw banana ka dried powder (bina seeds ke kyun ki digest n
Banana powder for babies is a popular solid food for toddlers, especially down south in India. It helps build immunity, packed with potassium and other vital nutrients, and is easy to digest, and prot
Raw banana powder is power packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is a source of energy required for babies, toddlers and even adults. Ye bachche ke growth ke liye faydemand hai. Mar