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When can I start using stretch mark cream? And what brand is best? I've just hit 2nd trimester.

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Start now :) I started from week 4. I personally didn't like smell of clarins oil so I switched to Palmer's. If possible, do a smell test 😅I think different mamas find different scents offensive during pregnancy. My friend loved clarins oil but I really didn't take a liking to it.. I find that bio oil has the least scent. I used it on areas prone to stretching, belly, waist, thighs, butt, breasts and upper arms. Do remember to continue applying post partum as weight loss also can lead to stretch marks developing. I think moisturiser really helped because I have stretch marks from puberty but I didn't get any new ones from pregnancy because I applied cream/ oil religiously.

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Oh please start now. Should have started in 1st trimester already. Don’t ever take for granted your stretch marks don’t appear means it won’t appear. I didn’t have any stretch marks at all until my 7th month. It was shocking to see the marks cause I was super “clean” and assumed I won’t get any cause my mom didn’t have any for all 3 pregnancies. 😭 Should have applied bio oil or the stretch marks cream in my first trimester to make the skin elastic for stretching. Cause once you hit 7 months your tummy grows quite rapidly and if it’s not moisturised enough, it will dry “tear” your skin and the marks will appear.

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gotta start using now. usually can start using once you're at 1st tri. cause its strengthening your skin. I was pretty lazy in that and only use it once every few days up till the 3rd tri. Around my 35th weeks my stomach suddenly grew rapidly and my stomach itches likecrazyy then all the stretch marks was super a** obvious. I heard if you take good care of it, after birth it will disappear. so better start using now! Better to be safe than sorry when it doesnt disappear.

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Can start using aft 12weeks! Im using palmers cocoa butter. Can feel my tummy getting tighter and stretchmark cream will help to provide the elasticity.

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You can start using it already :) Usually once tummy shows, good to start. I rem my tummy was itching during third trimester cause of the stretches...

Week 12 onwards. I tried Bio-oil but have allergic reactions. Switched Mama Bees belly butter and Palmers Cocoa Butter.

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I used biooil, mustela cream as and when I rem

I use mustela stretch marks cream!