Do applying stretch mark cream early avoid stretch marks?

Hi , I am planning to apply stretch mark creams early in my first trimester. But I heard even if apply early also may not help! Can share with me your brand for stretch mark and when you started using it and if it does prevent stretch marks?#firstbaby #advicepls

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I don't think the creams help much. I read stretchmarks is genetic but creams helps to keep the skin moisturised. I have been applying Palmer's from first trimester but now at week 32 I have stretchmarks. My bump wasn't big until week 28 and may be that's why had less stretchmarks. But suddenly my bump grew big n I have stretchmarks at lower abdomen as well as left side of the belly. I still continue to apply the cream and oil though.

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i used bio oil from second trimester onwards twice daily. there is stretchmarks on my lower abdomen, tho it wasnt very obvious. can hardly tell, but as i look closer can see. guess stretchmarks still can occur due to the expanding of our bump/stretching and then shriking of our skin.

I thought I didn't have stretch marks during my pregnancy. I only noticed them after i gave birth! If i knew, i would have used some cream to prevent them. It may not show during pregnancy it's what i found out. At least for my case.

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Any body lotion or cream moiturizer will do, I used nivea or vaseline for all my 3 pregnancy as early as 1st trimester and up until now 33weeks with my 4th baby, stretchmarks are not visible..😊

Yes, it helps a lot. Been applying palmer’s stretch mark lotion since 1st trimester and adding the tummy butter starting my 3rd trimester. Now, 33 weeks and still no stretchmarks appear.

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thanks! I will try it out!

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Yes! applying early really does help. Try the mamaschoice stretch mark cream. Less than $15. Available on shoppee/jd

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For my case no. I apply stretch mark oil/cream since trimester 1, no stretch mark . After give birth, it all come out. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Just do whatever u can. I think genes affect stretch marks too

Currently using bio oil in the AM, Clarins body partner stretch mark expert + clarins tonic treatment oil in the PM


i applied Mustela when i was 6 weeks pregnant and it works for me