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Hi all moms, Which is the best stretch mark cream or oil and When should I start using it?

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I'm using both Clarins and Nivea body oil. Clarins is alot more oily feel while Nivea feels lighter so I mainly use Clarins on my bump area and nivea on rest of body. It helps that nivea is alot cheaper and I feel does the job. During Watsons sale I recently got it at 50%, less than $10 for a big bottle so can stock up if u see! Started using in 2nd trimester.

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There are several stretchmark creams/oil on the market. While they do help to moisturise skin to increase skin elasticity, i.e. less stretch marks as the skin stretches to accomodate baby, innate skin elasticity is down to genetics. If your mum had a lot of stretch marks due to pregnancy, you'd likely have more stretch marks too.

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I used clarins and no stretch marks. My friend told me mustela is good too. I used nivea cream for a few weeks because I traveled abroad and forgot to pack my clarins. It worked too but might be too hot and oily for summer weather like Singapore. But very afford, 5dollars can use forever. The blue color can.

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I started off with Clarins oil and cream and switched to I Woke Up Like This body oil (korean brand). Best to start as early as possible.

I used mustela cream for day n oil for night! As early as possible? I started at week 11!

Start as soon as you start the second trimester. I use bio oil. So far so good

I am using Bio Oil and Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter!

I use bio oil. Still no stretchmarks up till now(37weeks)

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Bio oil & Palmer's start using it from second trimester.