Sharing On How I Prevent Stretch Marks!

When I found I'm pregnant. I start using stretch marks cream. 1st trimesters : Palmers cocoa butter massage lotion. 2nd trimesters : Palmers cocoa butter tummy butter. 3rd trimesters : Bio oil. I only use it on my tummy area and backside. The rest of my body I use normal moisturizing lotion. So taadah... I do not have any stretch marks. *side note: it's cheaper to get Palmers cocoa butter products from JB. It is cheaper by half*

Sharing On How I Prevent Stretch Marks!
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Awesome but I wasn’t diligent enough started applying late in my first tri, will I be able to still lighten them after pregnancy?

Happy for you! I dont have any stretchmarks too so far, hope it wont appear at all!

hi! can u share photos of the 3 products used? thanks!

sometimes, stretchmarks only appear before you give birth.

I start using Bio Oil from 1st trimester till now!

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Awesome 🤩😍 Thanks for sharing..

Thanks for sharing.!!🙂🙂🙂

Thanks for sharing! So useful

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Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for sharing !