When to start using stretch mark cream ?

Hi Mummies, Any advise on when to start using stretch mark cream? I am currently 22 weeks pregnant but don’t see any stretch marks #firstbaby #firstpreganancy

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There is no harm starting as soon as you know you're pregnant and certainly before you see stretch marks. Different people "stretch" at different rates - even over different pregnancies so its hard to have any specific advice on "which week" your bump will start showing.

I use it as early as 4 weeks… twice a day. giving birth soon and zero stretch mark. You should start asap. Starting early can actually help prevent any potential stretch marks.

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i use before getting stretch marks. my tighs already have but i still use it to prevent skin from further streching. rub on my sholder to bicep, belly, chest and thighs.

I started immediately when I know I was pregnant and apply diligently 2-3x a day. Thank god, I didn’t have any stretch mark.

Start asap to prep the skin! I personally feel 3rd trimester or after stretch marks form is too late!


No stretch mark also can apply! I also apply it even tho i have no stretch marks!!

do it as early as you can! my stretch marks only came in the last month. :/

I use it as soon as 12 weeks of pregnancy. Better start early.


asap as prevention is always better than cure 🙏

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🤷🏼‍♀️ never bothered actually…