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When can I eat ice cream? Finishing confinement soon

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Super Mum

The auntie helping me with massage advised me to eat and drink cold stuff two months after giving birth.... I’m not sure if I can wait till 2 months though

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Supposedly after confinement. But I cheated coz my hub bought me ben & Jerry's to cheer me up when he saw that I was cranky 😅

After confinement you can start and it is getting over soon for you so you will be enjoying ice-cream soon :)

Super Mum

I ate during confinement period. But you should start when you're comfortable with it.

Super Mum

After confinement. I had koi the 1st day after i finished my confinement. 😂

My 2 confinement nannies both said after 4 months! Including koi!

2y ago

😱 after 100days 😭

Moderation. Can always start after 30 days confinement

After you’re done with confinement. In moderation

After confinement. Probably after 40th day mark

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After confinement as its consider cooling food