Can pregnant mum eat ice cream?

Am 7 weeks pregnant and craving for ice cream 🥺

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Yes you can but dont eat too much cause for pregnant women it is easy to get diabetes if we didnt control what we eat cause when i am pregnant i honestly scare i will get diabetes cause i cant live without my pokka green tea


if u don't have gestational diabetes, should be fine. i took during first trjmester as the cold feeling helped me with nausea.

why not, but in moderation. Husband's job is to get whatever the pregnant wife wishes for😂

I also 7 weeks! I craving for ice coffee instead. but I still eat ice cream during this week

I ate twice a week but every time I ate really a lot and didn’t affect my baby at all

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Yes, occasional is OK. Jus worried on the sugar level if consume too much ice cream

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yes. actually there are a lot of things u can eat, just rmbr to eat in moderation:)

yes. just had chocolate sundae yesterday. countering my nauseous.

Yes from the tubs but I heard try not to take soft serve version

yeah i ate too but have to stay with limits 🥲