Can I eat watermelon and ice cream while I am pregnant?

Can I eat watermelon and ice cream while I am pregnant? (Or any ice/cold Desserts and Drinks?)

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If traditions are the things that's bothering you, then it's up to your personal comfort level. If you follow the TCM way, it is strongly adviced against because it's too "cooling" for your body and some foods are actually "heaty" for the body even when they're cold! I'd say that it's okay but do it in moderation, but watermelons were my solution to morning sickness :)

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I consumed a lot of ice cream amd CNY goodies as I worked from home coz of Covid-19. Ended up, I gained 3.8kg in 2 weeks. It is not a good idea to consume and sweet and cold but it is my pregnancy craving especially the hot day! Eat moderate or buy the mini size and control if you scoop!

Actually there is a saying like we can eat anything just in moderation, except for raw food. It's best not to. Hehe! Tahan for your lo. :) During my this pregnancy I drank alot of sweet drinks, alot of sweet Cravings. Hehehe.

For chinese, we will avoid watermelon because it's known to be cooling. Not good during pregnancy. And for ice cream, pls only eat branded/from restaurant. That's what my friend told me.

Watermelon is absolutely safe and a must , don't eat it too cold and directly from refrigerator. Icecreams don't know, in moderation is ok, I am avoiding it too lol.

You can. But over eating any food can be bad for your body not only when you are pregnant. Maybe you should watch your intake for the first 3 months to be safe.

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Ok to eat but in moderation. I had it during pregnancy. If u have gestational diabetes, need to avoid as they will cause blood sugar to spike up.

Depends on your body. Would advise not to eat during your first trimester. Moderate your intake after your first trimester.

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Of course can! Unless you are at risk of gestational diabetes (in which case just cut down lah), then there’s no issue.

AS PER MY OB COLD DRINKS OR FOOD IS FINE.. She even suggest putting an ice in your mouth to get rid of morning sickness..