When do u give ur baby 肥仔水 (gripes water)?eg. After bath of morning or night? One day how many times and how much ml?

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Gripe water can ease the symptons of colic for babies. Babies can be given gripe water up to 6 times in 24 hrs period to help relieve trapped wind. Generally, you shouldnt five gripe water to a baby less than 1 month. It should not be used it if your baby has any allergic to any of th3 ingredients and suffers from kidney problems. The best time to give the gripe water is after a feed/milk time as this is the time his digestive system will start breaking down the large enzymes in milk which can sometimes cause a spasm of the gut. So depending how old is your baby now. Generally 30ml-60ml of dosage is recommended with warm water

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I gave 1 teaspoon with 30ml of warm water & feed my boy after shower each morning when he was 1month old till 1yr old every day even he entered ifc. I gave teacher instructions to give. after he turn 1, I mix 1 teaspoon in 1 bottle of water for him to drink every other day.

Side effects of the herbs in gripe water can range from mild stomach upset to a serious allergic reaction. Further, the benefits of gripe water are thought to come from the sweet taste it has rather than any of the herbs it contains. Older formulations contain alcohol

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I gave my LO gripe water a couple of times when he gets bloated so easily during the first two months. I stopped when his colicky symptoms went away miraculously. So far so good, putting on weight and growing fine. Don't think it's a must to give gripe water.

Normally I give after bath. 1 time per day. As per behind instruction it stated 0-6 months 1 teaspoon. You might need to check the box how many teaspoon your baby need.

Aside from. Gripe water, try out the colic massage. I always recommend it to everyone. Its easy, and takes a couple of minutes and it works incredibly!!!

I give my baby after bath in the morning is the best way to help baby feel comfort as they drink milk over night. one time a day.

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What about at night time before they sleep?

Since 6 mths above, my lo is taking gripe water daily after shower! just half a teaspoon, followed by a few sips of water!

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After bath 1 time..1 small teaspoon less than 5ml as he is only a month old. with a small spoon of water

give every morning after shower. she's coming 10 mths so i give 60ml water and about 1 spoon of gripes..