6 months solid

How do u start solid for 6 months baby & what kind of solid do u give? How many times do u feed? Did u visit pediatrician and seek advice first or just decide to try out one fine day?

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Super Mum

I started with purees (apple, pear, banana, carrot, prune, etc) and baby cereal. Started with maybe 2 baby spoon’s amount, 1 time a day. Then gradually increased the amount and number of feeds per day. The milk intake can drastically decrease in some babies because food is a lot more exciting. So I made my baby drink milk first before feeding solids (half an hour in between to digest). I didn’t go see a PD. As long as baby has sufficiently good head control, can sit in the high chair (buckled up), shows and interest in your food and is willing to take the spoon, I think you can start.

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