Can I check how you give lo gripes water, do u mix with water or by spoon ?

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give by the spoon. if you wan can give another spoonful of water to wash down the sweetness. I prefer not to mix together with the breastmilk as gripe water is sweet and baby may get used to sweet breastmilk and may refused breastmilk without the gripe water next time

I never give this to my children before. I usually apply Minyak Telon after baby's bath around the belly button. It soothes and calms my baby's upset tummy. It also keeps the body rather warm. It has gentler smell than wintergreen oil or eucalyptus oil. 

I give 5ml after bath in the morning only. I do that for all my 4 kids. They seemed to be happy with it. Btw, i feed concentrated ones. Sometimes when they got no mood for plain water, adding aome to it helps them.

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I usually put 1 teaspoon mix with 60ml of plain water. I try to mix with more water as I do not want them to dislike plain water without the sweetness. Spoon feed is too sweet for them.

You can either use a spoon or a syringe. Have a friend who mixed with breastmilk (because her baby spit out the water when fed using a syringe). Seemed ok as well.

I usually mix with water; the appropirate portion for the agegrp to abt 20-30ml of water. Felt that its abit sweet if you mix with just a little water or by spoon!

I don't mix with water. Given on its own. When he was younger i use syringe fed but thereafter I use spoon. U may mix into water for him to drink together as well.

I mix with breastmilk once a feed during the day when my baby is 2mths till 8-9mths. My baby nv refuse breastmilk without gripe water after that.

Mixed w water n gave about 100ml of water. So as to make my LO drinks water too as she usually drink quite little amount of water.

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i give it by small teaspoon and also with few spoon of water. Didn't fully mixed with water in a bottle .