Time To Exercise?

When to find time to exercise? I rch home 730pm liao. Want go gym before go home but wife and kids waiting. When do u all exercise? Just weekends enough?

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When u reach home, you can do 10-15 mins of HIIT at home on 2 or 3 weekdays. Then do 1 weekend workout. I did the same thing, to at least slot in short workouts. That's why HIIT is the best for me. Do whichever workout works for you

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My frd gyms mid night.. But he doesn't needa go work early. Some they go gym during lunch. If really bobian then have to be weekends. Else compromise 1 weekday after work with ur wife?

Always very early morning - sets me up for the day, and means I can be present at home in the evening to help the wife after a hard day for her (means she can also rest a bit)

Early mornings for me, about 5.30am, just before the little one usually wakes up.

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If u want to stay fit trim, do high intensity workouts at least 4 times a day

I can’t do mornings so maybe you can try after dinner? If you can?

Try static exercise at home. It looks lame but it's very effective.

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Take bcaa pre or intra workout. After workout take protein shake.

Usually after work or during weekend only

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Weekends only... Or night time at home