When do you think is the appropriate age for my baby to eat outside food? Please share your own experiences on what kind of outside food you gave

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I had my first taste of laksa at 13 months. Dad was mighty proud of his little girl who swallowed a small bite of the laksa noodle. haha.. But my mum clarified that the noodle was rinsed through water before being fed to me. Most of my friends simply share whatever they are having with their babies once their babies are used to having solids. They will complement it with some fruits that they brought along. Chee cheong fun (without sauce), Ban mian, fries (unsalted), nuggets, and pasta are the common few dishes that I've heard them start with.

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I gave my kids to taste outside food after they turned 2 years old. Before that I will prepare my own food/snacks. After 2 years old, I normally ask the restaurant to reduce salt for my baby's dishes. The first outside food my kids get to taste is Udon soup at Japanese restaurant. Normally, I will order light soup based noodles e.g. bee hon soup and etc. when they are young.

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