At what age will u start to introduce salt and sugar in food for your LO? At what age will u allow your LO to eat outside food?

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I try to keep sugar out of the menu. But it is really tough. If ya a sahm then no problem but if ya need to work. Honestly it can get exhausting. As long as i can, ill opt for both off the menu.

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I let my girl taste outside food I think around 7-8 months. Anything without sauce or is not overly sweet. My belief is that after 1, she should taste and if she can, begin to eat a variety of foods.

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I belong to the lazy parents. The moment my child could eat solid, i started feeding outside food whenver i am out. It saves time and hassle for me cos i have 2 kids.

As much as i do not like salt and sugar, it's not possible to avoid it totally. I try to minimise as much as possible.

at 1yo, I introduced salt & sugar. below 1yo, it's all natural flavours.

I feed baby what i eat. The only thing i minimize is junk.